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Alarm FAQ

How can I see alarms that I've already set?

Click on the Settings gear in the top right corner to see a list of all currently set alarms. Swipe to delete any that you no longer want set.

Will Alarm 1 continue to get updates

No, that is why we've made it free. It will give you the idea of what Alarm 2 is based on. FAQ

Why can't I login in or create an account?

Be sure that you have a current login to the website. The iOS app does not currently support creating an account. That feature is coming soon.

Photo Wallet FAQ

How can I rearrange my photos?

On the My Pictures screen, tap and hold any of the frames with a picture in it and drag and drop it onto any other frame with a picture in it.

Why can I only select up to 6 pictures?

The purpose of Photo Wallet is to have quick and easy access to only your most important photos. Think of this app as a replacement to the old plastic insert you used to keep in your wallet that only held a few pictures.

If I delete a picture from Photo Wallet, does that delete the picture permanently?

No. Pictures are copied from your into your Photo Wallet. When you delete a picture from your Photo Wallet, it deletes it ONLY from your Photo Wallet, and leaves the original picture in your untouched.

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